Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guess What???

Not about rabbits, but still special news ~ my Mom is going to have another BOY!!! :) She is due Jan. 9, 2012, and we are very excited! :)

Okay, now to the bunnies! Alicia is due tomorrow, she has her nest made and is a big girl. She is such a cutie!

I bred Moose and Daisy the 17th. Daisy to Tom, and Moose to Blueberry. Then, if Moose decides not to take care of her babies again (but I'm really hoping she'll be a good mama this second time around) I can slip the babies in with Daisy's and she can foster them. Daisy is the best Holland lop mommy around!

There are still the 2 black bucks, and the 2 broken black bucks (I might keep one of them) left from Amanda's litter. They are all so cute! The little ones are enjoying them!

Well, that's about it for now! Have a great day everyone!!! :)

Silver Gate Rabbitry

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just a Nice Letter~

I just got this email from someone who bought one of Daisy's babies from her first litter, the cream/blue tri colored doe. I am always happy to hear how bunnies are doing in their new homes! :)

Hi Ashley, 
Just wanted you to know that "Jazzy" is doing well. The cut on her ear healed fine but somehow she got another one on the edge that has left a permanent nick in her ear but that just makes her unique in our eyes! I wanted to tell you that she showed well for Dalton at the fair. She received the top purple in her class and got to go back for champion rabbit but unfortunately she didn't win it. However, we realize she is still young and have big hopes for her next year. We may possibly breed her to our chinchilla holland lop buck who is a little smaller and stockier than she is with a bit bigger head. The judge said he was by far the best rabbit out there last year.  He got Grand Champion in 2010 but this year she said his coat was a little rough. (If you have any tips for that we'd be grateful to hear them!). I still check your website from time to time. Your latest litter sure was cute! We will keep you in mind if ever we need another Holland Lop.
Brenda Gregory

(-.-) Ashley

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fremont 4H Fair and Amanda's Babies!

Okay, first of all life has been really busy here which is why I haven't posted for awhile. With these little brothers and animals of mine, plus school, I stay pretty busy. Plus, since I got my drivers license a little while ago Mom has me run errands alot, which I don't mind at all! :)

Fremont 4H fair results, which was July 9th:

Buttercup placed 2/3, 2nd place blue

Mindy placed 2/2 again, 2nd place purple

Benji placed 1/1(He was the only one! But the judge said alot of nice comments about him), 1st place purple

Fiona placed 2/3, 2nd place blue

I got pictures of Amanda's adorable little munchkins up on the website yesterday. Click here to see them!

As of right now, the 2 does are sold, and the brkn. black buck 2 will be picked up tomorrow, Lord willing. So 2 black bucks, and 2 broken black bucks left!

I will be posting more SOON! :)

Silver Gate Rabbitry