Thursday, November 17, 2011

Website is Updated!

I went to the library today and updated the website!

In the Nest Box, Bunnies for Sale, Previous Litters, and Holland Lop Does (new pictures of Moose) were all updated!

Click here to see Mindy's babies 3 week old pictures!

Click here to see Alicia's babies 10 week old pictures!

I have a few more pictures that I wanted to post on here of Mindy with her babies! I'll be sure to do those soon!

I'm off to bed now! :)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Which baby bunnies do YOU think are cuter???

Do you think Mini lop babies are cuter than Holland lop babies?

Or do you think Holland lop babies are cuter than Mini lop babies?

Or do you think they both are just as cute as can be?

Be sure to vote on the poll, just below the welcome sign! --->


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mindy's Babies

Just a few pictures of Mindy's babies~

All of them! (This was taken before the little runt -orange/black harlequin- died, there are 3 now).

The BIG baby! A little cream/blue tri~

The black tort~

And the little orange/black tri~

Mindy is an excellent little mommy! :) All of them are in my bedroom, in a BIG tote, since the nights were quite cold. They are nice and warm in my bedroom. I will be moving them out to the rabbitry soon though. All of them have their eyes open now (of course) and are getting bigger and fluffier everyday! :)

Have a great day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Website working again and a few bunnies sold!

The website is working again!!! I didn't ever get to look at webs and see what was wrong, I went there just now and clicked on several pages and ... I was able to see them all! :) Yay! I hope it won't happen again!

So, the website really needs to be updated! :) Will be doing that soon!

A few more Holland lop babies were sold:

The broken cream buck was sold to Paula, the torted black tri doe (2), I traded for a really nice 3 compartment carrier (good for my Mini lops). Thanks Deseray! The orange doe was sold to Emily, and the orange/black tri buck sold to Janessa, I hope you all are enjoying your bunnies! :)

So, the torted black tri doe (1) is the only one left still available from Daisy's litter!

And then 8 of Alicia's adorable little babies are still available! :) I just took pictures of them all yesterday, I will be going to the library and getting them up on the website soon! They are about 10 weeks old now, and alot of them are looking very nice! :)

Picture posts coming soon will be: Mindy's adorable little babies, the Hollands that I'm selling, molting: before's and after's, Alicia's babies, Misty, and random pictures! So come back soon!