Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Loving Memory of Brakes

On the 4th my beautiful and oh-so-very-sweet Mini lop buck, Brakes passed away. :( It was a hard blow. I miss my sweet little guy that taught me that not all Mini lop bucks are mean! {Read the About my Rabbitry page on my website} Cottage Hill's Brakes was a little over 4 years old. The heat and stress combined wasn't good on him. It's a huge change, moving 8 hours away to a much hotter climate and totally different environment.

Brakes was a beautiful Mini lop, I got him at my first ARBA show and he had already won one leg. He won Grand Champion at a 4H show after I got him and got all purples at other 4H shows, but unfortunately I didn't get to show him at another ARBA show because he had a runny nose at the second one I went to. He would have been a real Grand Champion bunny with lots of legs had I got to show him more!

He is the father to Amanda, and to Julia and the grand sire of Alaina. His babies always turned out real nice! I had bred him to Fiona July 21st, but sadly Fiona didn't take. :( But he has had plenty of really beautiful babies and I'm glad that I have 2 daughters of his and granddaughter. Just checked and Brakes has sired 6 litters, all together 40 babies!

My sweet guy shortly after I first got him - isn't he cute???:

A little while later:

This is my favorite picture of him! What a sweetie!

Best out of all the bunnies at the show! :)

Remember this? Funny Brakes! :)

And didn't he make the most cutest babies EVER???

R.I.P. Brakes. 

April 21, 2008 - August 4, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

In Loving Memory of Alicia

Right before we moved something very unexpected happened. My sweet Mini lop doe, Hoppin's Alicia, passed away. I can't bellieve it as she was not even 2 years old yet, and she seemed perfectly healthy and happy up until the day she passed away. I do not know what caused her death.
Alicia had 3 beautiful litters. 22 babies all together. She was an excellent mama! She also placed 5 out of 8 solid Mini lop does at the Nebraska Tower on the Plains ARBA show May 29, 2011.

Love this picture! Here Alicia is snuggling with her babies from her first litter.

Alicia with a little look alike.

Beautiful Alicia! What a cutie!

Here is the proud mama with her second litter of 9 babies!

Here Alicia was getting ready for her third litter! :)

R.I.P. Alicia

Date of birth: August 14, 2010
Passed away: June 14, 2012