Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TRULY a Super Quick Update!

Okay, I realized after I hit "publish" on that last post, that it wasn't really a "super quick" update! :) This really will be!

The orange/black harlequin buck (from Daisy) and the broken chestnut agouti doe (from Alicia) were sold today!

Have a great night everyone!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Super Quick Update!

Okay, The website is getting worse, yesterday it wouldn't even let me go to the home page. :( I will be going to the library soon and will try to figure out what's wrong.

Meanwhile, I will have to do updates on here more, as far as which bunnies are being held, sold, and still available, litters and such!

So ...

Daisy's babies:
The torted black tri doe (2) is on hold for my friend Deseray of Lovey Bunnies Rabbitry.
I have decided not to keep the orange/black tri buck, but have decided to keep the black tort buck, he is looking SO nice (like his daddy) and he should be a great replacement buck for Tom.
A lady will be coming on Nov. 3rd to pick out another baby!
So, there are 4 more still available!

Alicia's babies:
I'm pretty sure that I've decided to keep none from this litter, although that little broken chinchilla doe keeps me wondering! :)
The little "broken gold tipped steel black buck" is actually a broken chestnut agouti doe! Oops! She's still on the smaller side, as she's the runt, but she's doing good and she's so cuddly!
All of them are still available! :)

Amanda's babies:
I still have all 4, I've dropped their prices to $15.00 each with pedigrees, $10.00 without pedigrees. I think that 2 will be leaving soon.


Mindy's babies:
Mindy had a litter of 4 kits yesterday (the 23rd)! She is doing everything PERFECT so far, the little cutie! :) The sire is Blueberry. It looks like there is 1 blue tort, 2 tri coloreds, and either another solid or tri colored, not sure yet!

I have some more for sale bunnies, I'm thinning out the Hollands a bit. I will be posting them soon.

I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the rabbitry! I'm trying to clean up all the cages, and everything in them, and the rabbitry from top to bottom! I'm gonna go do more right now! :)

Okay, I think that's about it!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daisy's Babies

Well, a few pages on my website are not letting people go to them. :( I went to the library a couple days ago and got Daisy's babies pictures on there, and when I got home it wouldn't let me go to the in the nest box page, the bunnies for sale page, or the contact me page! It will let me see home, the mini lops, and I haven't tried the others yet... how frustrating! :(

So, I'm back at the library, and I will put a few pictures on here of the babies!

Harlequin buck:

Torted Black Tri - Colored doe (1):

Cream/Blue Tri - Colored buck:

Orange/Black Tri - Colored buck *My Mom wants me to keep this one! :) I'm thinking on it.*

Orange doe:

Torted Black Tri - Colored doe (2):

Black Tort buck:

All of them!

Just a few comments on these babies: They are all very cute and a few of them are really fluffy! The 2 Torted Black tri does have really good tri color markings. The cream/blue tri buck is actually looking like just a broken cream, and then the orange/black tri buck only has black under his ears! The orange doe is so pretty, the black tort has a super nice little head and is SO extremely cute, and the harlequin is definitely the fluffiest! :)

Just a cute picture! :) Daisy with the broken cream buck:

And another cute picture! :) This is the little broken chinchilla doe, Alicia's baby:

Okay! Sorry about those pages on my website not being able to be viewed right now! I will try to figure out what's going on ASAP!

Other bunny news: Mindy is due in 3 days! I'm excited! And all of the other buns are doing great! Molting like crazy though! :)

Have a great day!