Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lots of Babies!

It's so much fun having lots of baby bunnies! Seventeen all together right now! This is the most babies I've ever had at one time. :)

Alicia had seven kits yesterday (22nd). They all seem to be doing pretty good, Alicia checks on them constantly, she is so cute!

Daisy's babies will be leaving soon. And all of Amanda's will be leaving around May 6th. I'm pretty excited with how things are going so far. All of Amanda's babies on hold for people before they are 6 weeks old, and Daisy's babies are all on hold now as well!

I got a new Holland lop doe on April 9th. Her name is Hannah's Moose, and she is a chestnut agouti. She's a pretty cute lil' girl. I got her from Hannah's Hollands, thank you very much Hannah and Laurie! I will be posting some pictures of her soon.

I bred her to Tom, and will soon be breeding Daisy to Blueberry.

It's a beautiful day today! So, I'm going to go outside now!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


All of the babies out of both litters are reserved already except for the orange/black harlequin Holland lop buck! Well, since I'm keeping one, then there are 8 out of the 10 already on hold for people, before they are 8 weeks old! And I have more people on a waiting list! Amazing! :)

Also, Alicia is already gathering any hay I give her and carrying it around in her mouth, trying to make a nest in the back of her cage! She's still got about 5 more days 'til she gets her nest box even! She's pretty cute! :)

Okay, I need to go out and feed the buns now! Kind of a short post, but here pretty soon I'm going to do a big picture post at the library! :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Lop Baby Pictures!!!

The babies in their nest box~

Aren't they cute?

Amanda in the nest box too! :)

She's such a good mama!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holland Lop Baby Pictures!!!

Here's a few recent pictures of the Holland lop babies!  

The Does:

The Bucks:

All of them, and their cute momma too!

Too cute!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pictures on Website...

I was able to go to the library today and put a few pictures on my website!

The Mini lops are 3 weeks old now, and are cute little things! Sadly, the little black one passed away on March 31st. :( It was my favorite out of the litter.

So what's left are: 2 broken blacks, and 2 charlie blacks. 3 bucks and 1 doe. One of the brokens is a runt, I took a couple pictures of him next to another one and he's pretty small compared to the rest. He's soooo cute, and has his little ears fully lopped already. Well, actually, they all pretty much do! They are doing everything early: eyes open at 9 days, out of nest box at like a week old, and ears lopped.

Anyway, there are 2 pictures each of them on my website, just click the link below!

The hollands are doing great as well! Have I said that they are SO cute yet? The cream/blue tri doe and the cream/blue tri buck are on hold, and I'm pretty sure the black tort doe is too. And I am almost positive that I am keeping the torted black tri doe. So, that leaves the orange/black harlequin buck and a cream/blue tri buck!

Also, I got a couple pictures of Buttercup on the website finally! So, now I just have Daisy, Alicia, and Benji's pictures to do!

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