Friday, March 22, 2013

New Mini Lop buck coming soon!!!

In about 4 weeks I'm going to be getting this adorable little guy! I'm SO excited!!!!!!!! He's from the same rabbitry as where I got Benji from, which is my favorite rabbitry - Hoppin Herd of Hares! :) He's a broken lynx! Isn't he the cutest?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost 2 weeks!

Just a few pictures of a few of the little cuties!

In Amanda's litter their are: 3 solid blacks and 5 broken blacks!

Brkn. black-


Another brkn. black-

Daisy's litter: 3 orange/black harlequins, 1 blue tort, and 1 cream/blue tri-colored!

Cream/blue tri-colored-


Blue tort-

Another Harlequin w/ a lot more black markings-

Mindy's litter: 1 broken orange, 2 broken torts, and 1 what really looks to be like a  SMOKE PEARL or a SABLE POINT!!!!!

The adorable little thing-

Big baby! Him/her next to Daisy's blue tort-

Adorable brkn. tort-

And the little black guy out of Fiona is still available!

Will breed some bunnies tomorrow, Lord willing!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby pictures!

Okay! Our computer is fixed, all our pictures are on here, and we can download new pictures again! Yay! :)

Alright, I counted wrong on Amanda's litter (had just done a quick count the same day they were born and it can be hard with the little babies all piled on top of each other), so there are actually 8 - 5 broken blacks and 3 solid blacks! They are all some fat, healthy little babies!

3 died from Daisy's litter. :( The 5 left are doing great though. I looked today and there looks to be 1 orange/black harlequin, 1-2 blue torts, and a couple tri's! :)

And Mindy's now 5 babies are doing wonderful, chubby and cute! She's got a colorful bunch as well - blue tort, orange/black harlequin, and tri's!

So, the people on my waiting list will be getting their desired colored bunnies soon, Lord willing! Blue torts, harlequins...