Thursday, February 28, 2013


Wow, I've got 23 adorable little baby bunnies!!!!!

Mini lops:

Benji & Amanda had a litter of 9 on the 27th (yesterday), and there are 6 brokens and 3 solids!!!!!! :)

Holland lops:

Blueberry & Daisy had a litter of 9 (1 doa) today (28th)!!!!

And Tom & Mindy had a litter of 6 today!!!!

Sorry for not updating you all for awhile on the bunnies!!! Been busy here! I'm planning on breeding Fiona, Julia, and Alaina around March 12th. Can't breed them now because I'll be going on a trip April 2-9th.

There is just one lil' black guy left still from Fiona! He is super cute!

Unfortunately we are unable to download any pictures onto our computer right now. :( We have a friend coming over to hopefully fix that this Sunday. So, stay tuned ... for pictures will be coming soon! :)