Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alicia's Babies

And Alicia's little cutie pies! :)

Broken chestnut agouti buck 1~

Simply a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e huh?!

Broken gold tipped steel black buck~

Cutie! :)

Broken chestnut agouti buck 2~

What a cutie! This is my Mom's favorite!

Broken gold tipped steel black doe~

Beautiful girl!

Black buck~

What a nice looking little buck!

 Black doe ~

LOOK at that head! Wow ... love her!!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiona's Babies

 Finally! Here are Fiona's adorable little babies!

Webs won't let me load pictures onto my website, so for now I'll just keep on putting all the pictures that I need to put on my website on here first, then copy and paste onto my website from here, until I figure something else out!

Now, here are the pictures!!!! There are a lot of bucks in this litter, only one doe!

Silver tipped black buck~

He is as sweet as can be!

Black buck 1~

Cute lil' guy!

And this little guy is really a black chinchilla!


Black doe~

Adorable little girl!

Black buck 2~

What a nice little guy!

Coming next are Alicia's babies!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fiona and Alicia's little ones

All of the babies are doing fabulous! What great little mommies Fiona and Alicia are!

First, my favorite out of Alicia's litter:

What a cutie, huh? LOVE this baby's heavy pattern.

And my favorite from Fiona's litter ~ the sable. What a big beautiful baby!

Look at that big head! :)

All of Alicia's adorable babies!

Black, brkn. chestnut agouti, brkn. gold tipped black, brkn. chestnut agouti, brkn. gold tipped black, black.
Fabulous mix of colors!

All of Fiona's adorable babies!

Sable, black, black, black, black, silver tipped black.
Even though there weren't any chocolates in this batch I am very excited about this litter because both parents have fabulous short bodies (my 2 very best short-bodied Mini lops besides Brakes) and so these babies should be some fabulous little bunnies! :)

As for the other babies they will mostly all be going to their new homes this weekend. However I do still have 2 solid black Mini lops available: the cute black buck and black doe 2.
Amanda's whole litter is so nice! I had a really tough time deciding if I should keep the broken black doe # 1 or 2. Anyone who pays close attention to my website probably noticed that I switched the keeping once or twice with them. :) I really think that I'm going with doe # 1 though, because she seems to have the shortest body (and I really need to work on shortness of body in my Mini lops) so should be great. When posed up her body is just like a little ball. :)

And I changed my mind on the tri doe, I loved her tri-coloring, but she just doesn't have the best head, too weak. So, I will wait. I'm actually doing a lot of thinking lately and I REALLY want ALL of my rabbits to be pedigreed. I might post more on all that I'm thinking about soon. There will be a few changes ahead.

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS (yes, I like that word) day! :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

beautiful bunnies + beautiful flowers = beautiful pictures!

First, the Hollands, which are all posing so nice! I've been working with Daisy and Mindy because before they wouldn't pose but they are much better now, as you can see!

Pretty Mindy:

My gorgeous boy, Tom:

And his gorgeous son, Copper:

The amazing Bluberry:

And cute Daisy:

And now the Mini lops:

First, the super terrific Benji, whom I wish ALL of my Mini lops looked like:

Beautiful Fiona:

My sweet Brakes:

Silly Amanda, who just would NOT settle down for a good picture:

And sweet Alicia:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will be getting them on the website in the next few days!