Wednesday, June 1, 2011

N.T.O.P. Rabbit Show!!!

On Sunday we went to the N.T.O.P. ARBA show in Crete. I showed 5 bunnies: Blueberry, Tom, Mindy, Alicia, and Amanda. These are their placings~

Alicia - 5/8 in open
Amanda - 4/9 in open
Mindy - 2/2 in youth
Tom - NP in open
Blueberry - 3/13 in open

Very happy with Blueberry's placing! :) Amanda's placing was very good as well. Alicia placed pretty good, the judge's comments on Mindy were that she has great bone, fair head and ears, lacks some depth, and the judge said that Tom has a fabulous head, just his body lacks depth, and is too narrow.

Came home with 6 bunnies, :) I got an adorable little chocolate sable Mini lop doe at the show. She is simply beautiful, a very promising little girl. She has amazing body type, great depth, and a beautiful head. More on her soon!

It was a fun time and I learned alot! Like always! :)