Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here is a quick update on what is going on around here:

There has been a few warmer days where it got up to like 38 here and I was able to get out there and really get some stuff done, I got all their cages hung up, cleaned all their cages, we worked alot on the ceiling above the rabbits, and got bedding down. I love the smell of the pine shavings! :)

There is still alot to be done however and am hoping to be able to do some more stuff soon.
Amanda wasn't prego, so I rebred her yesterday. I am hoping that she will be this time! She is due March 9th.
Callahan's Buttercup is REALLY a little buck... :-I I was pretty sad... Oh well, he is turning into a GORGEOUS little guy! He has the most cutest, squared little head, perfect teaspoon ears, great little compact body and cute little crown!

I did find a Holland lop doe in Omaha though. She is a very cute little 8 month old tri colored girl named Daisy. She IS a she! :) She is a cream/blue tri! Neat! She was bred already and is due the 26th. I palpated her and am almost positively sure that she has babies in there. I'm not the best at palpating, but I'm learning! She is not pedigreed, but I will just keep breeding for a few generations. I'm just happy to have a young Holland lop doe again.
Sorry about not getting pictures up on my website yet of: Buttercup, Benji, Alicia, Daisy, plus I took some more of Misty. But seriously with this dial up the pictures take FOREVER to upload onto my website! Hopefully I will be able to update my website at the library soon!

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