Thursday, January 13, 2011

Callahan's Buttercup!

Finally, I found another little Holland lop doe! And, oh my! She is so cute!

Buttercup is about 12 weeks old now, and is sooooo sweet and adorable! I forgot how cute Holland babies are! They are just the most adorable little fluff balls!!! :)

My dad picked her up for me on his way through Kansas City on one of the moving trips! Thanks Dad! :)

And Mitzi, thank you! She is such a beautiful little HL doe!

I will be posting pictures of her on the Holland Lop Juniors page as soon as I can!

Silver Gate Rabbitry

Monday, January 3, 2011

Whoa! There's Snow!

We are up here in Nebraska now! There are 1-2 inches of snow on the ground and it is 20 degrees at the moment. Quite different than down in Missouri, where we were still wearing t-shirts and there was grass all over! (Though I heard from a friend that it is getting colder down there now too).

The bunnies are adjusting great to this change, though! I have them all in a room in the barn right now. We have (half) of 1 big red barn, and (all) of 1 chicken coop, 1 detached garage, and an attached 2 car garage. I have not gotten the cages hung up yet or anything. We will be trying to do that today, Lord willing!

I took alot of great pictures of the snow and Nebraska cornfields, but we are back with dial up, and it is too SLOW! :(

There is a new addition to my rabbitry! An adorable little Holland Lop doe! I will be posting about her soon! She is just too cute! :)

Happy new year everyone!!!

Silver Gate Rabbitry