Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are Moving...

Back up to Nebraska. Where it is COLD. Away from here, where it is still WARM.

Anyway, I am partly excited, partly sad... It will be nice to be around our family and friends again, and stuff...

Anyway, our packing has begun! So extremely fun!   -NOT- :)

We will be moving Dec. 18-20th. So it has been a full year of living in Missouri.

All of the bunnies are doing great!

I am just starting pet photography and have been trying out cute bunny pictures. Here is one of Amanda:

Ain't she cute?
This is probably my favorite, Benji on a tractor tire.

He is such a sweetie....

Just for fun I stuck him in the mailbox and snapped a picture! :)

Alicia and Blueberry are next to each other in one of my 2 compartment cages and they like each other :)

"Oh! Hello there!"

I'm enjoying my baby brother and had to share a couple pictures of him! He is sooo cute!

Doesn't he have awesome balance??? And he was just 2 months old here! :)

I have been designing this blog, I think it looks alot cuter now...

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures!