Friday, July 27, 2012

We've moved to Missouri again!

Wow! Where did June and almost all of July go??? I was trying very hard to do at least a minimum of 5 posts a month, so I'll have a lot of catching up to do! But, I have a lot to share, so it won't be too hard.

Well, yup ... the title is true...we are down in Missouri.

Some moving pictures of the rabbits:

Moved the rabbits outside to clean the garage.

Some friends came to help and the children loved playing with the bunnies! As you can see, they decided to put the cages into a circle so they could let a bunny hop around inside! I think all of the rabbits got a turn!

The garage all cleaned out. We sprayed the whole floor with the hose and scrubbed the walls.

Getting ready to hit the road!

 And now we are down here, getting settled in! Isn't it pretty down here?

Surrounded by trees!

Dylan (my brother) took this stunning picture! :)


Fiona to Brakes - Due: August 21st (Mini lop litter)

Mindy to Copper - Due: August 21st (Holland lop litter)

Yes, Mindy to Copper is a half brother to half sister breeding, will be interesting to see how their litter turns out.

And next, depending on how things go will be:

Amanda to Benji

Daisy to Blueberry

And here are a few pictures of me with Misty, my little sweetheart! Isn't she so cute? She is 7 years old now, actually her birthday was on the day that I last posted something on here...May 31st. Thank you Paige for taking these pictures!!!

Love this one!

Updated a few pages on the website, so go check it out! It is sooooo nice to have highspeed again! Will be working on more pages very soon!