Sunday, May 12, 2013

Random cute pictures

First off, my new little guy that I got on the 7th from Oklahoma! Isn't he darling? :)

Most of Julia's babies all gathered 'round eating their pellets~

A few of Alaina's~

The big babies - yeah there is a bunch of food in the middle of them all! :) Out of the big babies there are actually more Hollands available then Mini lops now, 4 Mini lops were sold a week ago: the 3 does, and a broken buck.

Mindy and her little sable point buck sharing an apple~

Cute kittens~

Ending with a couple pictures of our growing ducklings!~

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Picture time for the newest lil' cuties

Well, set up a cute little spot to take the babies' 3 1/2 week old pictures today, loaded them up, and hauled them to it! :) 14 adorable little bunnies, and there are exactly 7 does and 7 bucks!

Julia's litter:

All of them~

The handsome little bucks~

Black buck 1-

Black buck 2-

Black buck 3-


The does~

Black doe 1-

Black doe 2-

Black doe 3-

Black doe 4-

Alaina's litter:

All of them~

The bucks~

Black buck-

Chocolate buck-

Broken black buck-


Broken chocolate buck-

The beautiful does~

Will be keeping one of the solid chocolate does for sure!

Chocolate doe 1-

Chocolate doe 2-

Broken chocolate doe-

I LOVE having so many chocolates finally! They are sooooo beautiful!!!