Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The 3 Mini lop bunnies are finally SOLD!!!

The broken black buck, and broken chestnut agouti doe went to a nice pet home Sunday, and the broken chocolate chestnut buck went to a nice pet home on Monday (yesterday)

The rest of the buns are doing great! I NEED to tattoo Amanda, I've been needing to do that for awhile but have been busy with other stuff! And I do not like tattooing, but I need to get it done!


So, now I just have my 2 Hollands to sell:

Bloink's Butterfly has not been successful as a mommy, so would be a great indoor pet bunny! She is a cute and sweet little girl!
Hopper's Tom is a great show quality little guy! He is a sweetie as well.

Well, better go!

Silver Gate Rabbitry

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updated Pages...

I updated my website today. My Juniors, My Holland Lops, and the Bunnies for Sale pages have new pictures and more!

Have a great night!

Silver Gate Rabbitry

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Bunnies!!!

I picked up 2 new and CUTE bunnies at the Tulsa State Fair yesterday! A sweet chocolate Mini lop buck, and an adorable black chinchilla Mini lop doe! The doe is 8 weeks old, the buck a little over 3 months old. They both came from Hoppin' Herd of Hares Rabbitry... Thank you SO much Qadoshyah! They both are great looking little bunnies!!!

I will be taking pictures of them soon and posting them on my juniors page.

Silver Gate Rabbitry