Thursday, May 19, 2011


Alicia snuggling with her babies:

Like mother, like son:

This little guy is ADORABLE:

I'm just waiting on two deposits and then all of Alicia's babies are on hold, just need to be picked up in June!

Moose's little baby:

This little baby is doing really good! Although it is VERY tiny, it is fat, and is looking good. It looks like it's a solid black.

Brakes has snuffles. :( I have him away from all the other bunnies and Vet RX is on it's way. I so hope it helps him! He is such a sweet boy.

Oh, also, just bred Amanda to Benji, changed my profile picture, and Daisy is a fat little girl! :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mindy, Alicia's Babies, and Moose's Baby

Amanda's babies are all gone, and Daisy's babies are all gone!

My lil' girl ~ Mindy, that I kept from Daisy's litter:

Isn't she so cute???

Alicia's babies are doing great! They are sooo cute! I got their 3 week old pictures up on the website yesterday. Here is the link:

Also got pictures of: Alicia, Amanda, Daisy, Moose, Misty, and Tom on there! I actually noticed when I got home from the library that there is only 1 picture of Tom, and I had put 2 on there! Will fix that as soon as I can.

Moose had 2 kits on the 15th. She had them both outside of the nest box. The one was already dead :( but the other one was still alive, just a bit chilled. She had had the first one in the far corner of the cage, away from the heat light, and then the second one was in the front of the cage. I am so glad that I put hay down all over the cage, so that it wasn't just the wire bottom, she had at least made a little hollow in the hay for the second one and pulled some fur. Anyway, I warmed it up, put it in the nest box, and covered it with the fur that she had pulled. I have been watching and as far as I can tell she isn't nursing it by herself, so I am bringing her in twice a day, sitting her on my lap, and letting the baby nurse. It is a very tiny little baby, but is doing really good so far! I hope it makes it!

Can't wait for Daisy to have her babies! She is due the 28th!

We have moved all of the bunnies up to the garage. It is so very nice! I love it! Pictures to come soon, Lord willing.