Sunday, April 21, 2013

Black buck and new babies!

I just kept on forgetting about taking pictures of the little black buck I still have from Fiona's litter! I took a few today though! Here is the handsome guy!

He has one amazing body on him!

And the little babies, which are now one week old already!

Julia's: 8 solid blacks!~

And Alaina's: 3 solid chocolates, 2 broken chocolates, 1 solid black, and 1 broken black!~

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Bout time for pictures!

I went to Michigan for a week a week ago to visit a friend and had a blast, and then my friend came back with me and stayed a few days ... thus the lack of pictures! I just took them today ... and they turned out SO good! Beautiful pink bush + wooden step + basket of flowers + adorable baby bunnies = CUTE pictures!!! :)

All of Amanda's~

Amanda's bucks~

Amanda's does~

All of Mindy's~

Mindy's bucks~

I LOVE this lil' guy!~

Mindy's doe~

All of Daisy's~

Daisy's bucks~

Daisy's doe~

And 15 more babies were added Sunday! Alaina had a litter of 7, and Julia a litter of 8! 

Alaina's babies look to be mostly chocolates! So excited!

Cute new mama~

And Julia's are all solid blacks!

And our new thing is ducks! We got 6 ducklings on Sunday~

We have more kittens as well, but don't have any pictures yet ... 5 kittens: 3 black and orange, 1 black, and 1 calico. :)